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Global Carnival Celebrations: Music, Festivity and Political Satire


Feb 13, 2024
Global Carnival Celebrations Reach Peak Joy in New Orleans, Rio, and Cologne as Lent Nears

The Carnival celebrations in New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro and other locations worldwide are reaching their peak. Each city has its own unique customs, but the festivities share undeniable similarities.

Music trucks can be heard throughout the streets, with revelers in costumes dancing to the rhythms. In Salvador, people gather outside Bourbon Street nightclubs to enjoy music from music trucks. As the celebrations continue, fanciful costumes become more common. In Madre de Deus, Brazil, a group of revelers even wore costumes made from beer and soda cans during a parade on Sunday.

In New Orleans, a reveler strolled down Bourbon Street wearing an intricately beaded hat adorned with gold butterflies. Meanwhile, politicians and world figures were not immune to being lampooned during the Carnival celebrations. In Cologne, Germany, a float showed a giant Vladimir Putin eating Ukraine with the words “Choke on it” lettered on it. In New Orleans, Donald Trump was ridiculed in caricatures on floats alongside President Joe Biden and his son Hunter and the local mayor.

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