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Global Financial Markets: News and Analysis for the Week Ahead


Feb 12, 2024
J.P. Morgan Predicts Cooling Stock Markets in Europe

The financial markets are always buzzing with activity, and today is no exception. The trading day in Europe began with a negative trend, with the British FTSE index falling by 0.3%, while the DAX and the KAC remained unchanged. Meanwhile, the stock exchanges of China, Hong Kong, and South Korea are closed for the Chinese New Year, while Japan’s stock market is closed for “National Day.” Wall Street futures are currently trading in a mixed trend with minimal changes.

In other news, several intriguing reports are expected to emerge this week from companies such as Coca-Cola, IRB, Paramount Global, Cisco Corp., Occidental Petroleum, Coinbase Global, Applied Materials, and Rocco. In addition to these reports, there will be new data released in global macroeconomic news that investors will be closely watching. These include unemployment data in Great Britain and Australia, consumer price indices in Switzerland and the USA

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