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Global Impact: How Fika Breaks are Revolutionizing Workplace Culture and Boosting Productivity


Feb 11, 2024
How Swedes Find Job Satisfaction Through a Cup of Coffee

In Sweden, the tradition of “fika” has become an integral part of the workplace culture. It involves employees setting aside their work to come together for a cup of coffee and snacks. This practice not only promotes employee well-being, productivity, and innovation but also fosters a sense of togetherness.

The concept of “pika” has gained popularity in other workplaces as well, including remote Zoom coffee breaks at The Grand in New York and London-based Hubble. Studies have shown that shared coffee breaks increase communication and productivity among employees, making them more likely to stay with the company.

A Swedish lecturer in well-being believes that “pika” fosters enjoyment and prosperity in the workplace. It allows people to talk about topics other than work and builds a sense of community and belonging. This has led to new work innovations and products emerging as a result of discussions during “pika” breaks, such as new office space terms.

The idea of “pika” is spreading beyond Sweden, and workplaces in the U.S. are recognizing the benefits of social cohesion for employees’ well-being and productivity. Examples of companies adopting “pika” include The Grand with Zoom coffee conversations and Hubble with monthly pastries chats. The Swedish tradition of “pika” appears to have a positive impact on employee satisfaction, productivity, and community within and outside of Sweden.

In conclusion, the tradition of fika is gaining traction worldwide as a powerful tool for enhancing employee well-being, productivity, and innovation through social cohesion. As more companies recognize its value, we can expect to see more instances of pika breaks popping up in workplaces around the globe.

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