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Global Outage: Facebook, Instagram, Gmail and YouTube Experience Technical Difficulties

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
The widespread outages of Facebook and Instagram appear to be resolved

On Tuesday evening, significant disturbances were reported on Facebook and Instagram applications. Users were logged out of the service and had trouble logging back in. Meta’s director of communications, Andy Stone, stated that a technical problem caused these difficulties, but it has since been resolved. According to Downdetector website, there were extensive problems reported with Meta’s applications from around five in the afternoon onwards. Globally, there were over 300,000 reports related to Facebook and about 40,000 related to Instagram. Additionally, Google-owned services like YouTube and Gmail also experienced disruptions. Some Gmail users reported delays in emails delivery, and YouTube users had trouble with the site loading.

As a result of these issues, Meta is currently investigating the problems with its social media services. On Tuesday evening, there were ongoing investigations into the problems with Meta’s services as well as with Google’s services. Users were experiencing difficulties with various functions on Gmail and delays in email delivery. YouTube users also reported issues with the site loading. These technical problems are being addressed by the respective companies to restore normal service operations.

By Samantha Johnson

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