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Global Technical Issues at McDonald’s Impacting Belgian Restaurants

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 16, 2024
Global Technical Issues at McDonald’s Impacting Belgian Restaurants

On Friday, a technical glitch affected the global fast food chain McDonald’s, causing customers to be unable to place orders. This issue also impacted restaurants in Belgium. Reports of the problem came from various regions, including Asia and Europe, where customers found it difficult to place orders at McDonald’s restaurants.

In a statement, McDonald’s acknowledged the technological issue and assured customers that it was being resolved. The company expressed gratitude for customers’ patience and reassured them that the problem was not related to cybersecurity concerns. Despite the technical difficulties, McDonald’s continued to operate its restaurants, serving customers as usual.

The extent of the disruption in Belgium was unclear, but restaurants remained open and continued to serve customers. Reports indicated that ordering was sometimes not possible at McDonald’s locations in the country. McDonald’s encouraged customers to return once the technical issues were resolved, emphasizing that they were working to fix the problem promptly.

In the midst of the technical glitch, McDonald’s remains committed to providing quality service to its customers. It is working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible and appreciates the patience and understanding of its patrons during this time.

By Samantha Johnson

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