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Global Temperatures Reach Record-High for 10th Consecutive Month

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 10, 2024
Global Temperatures Reach Record-High for 10th Consecutive Month

March marked the Earth’s 10th straight month of record-breaking heat, with temperatures exceeding climate targets in both the northern and southern hemispheres. The European Union’s Copernicus Climate Change Service reported that global temperatures in March were 1.68C (3F) higher than historical averages, surpassing the 1.5C limit that could have severe consequences for life on the planet. The past 12 months have seen temperatures 1.58C above pre-industrial levels, putting further emphasis on the need for rapid reductions in greenhouse gas emissions to prevent further warming.

Copernicus, the largest provider of climate data in the world, gathers data from billions of measurements taken from satellites, ships, aircraft, and weather stations to create monthly and seasonal forecasts. The program highlighted the importance of addressing climate change and reducing emissions to avoid reaching critical temperature thresholds. The global average temperature continues to rise, setting new records for air and ocean surface temperatures.

The image accompanying this article shows a woman wiping sweat on a hot summer day in Gurugram, India on April 7, 2024, illustrating the impact of rising temperatures on individuals around the world. The information in this article was sourced from Bloomberg and emphasizes the urgency of addressing climate change to prevent further warming of the planet.

By Samantha Johnson

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