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Good Morning Football’s Relocation to Los Angeles and New Extension Series Excites Fans Amid Surge in Viewership

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Production of ‘Good Morning Football’ relocating from New York to Los Angeles

Good Morning Football, a popular NFL Network show, is set to relocate production to Los Angeles. The move marks a shift from the show’s original location in New York and comes with plans to launch a two-hour extension series. The current filming location at SportsNet N.Y.’s studios in Manhattan will continue until March 29, after which the show will go on a summer hiatus.

The new location for “Good Morning Football” will be at NFL Media’s headquarters in Hollywood Park, Inglewood, which is already equipped with five soundstages and a large space for other NFL programs. This move signifies an exciting development for the show, which has been experiencing a resurgence in viewership since 2017.

The relaunched “Good Morning Football” will feature a two-hour extension series that is currently being negotiated with various media partners. Sony Pictures TV will handle the distribution for the new series, which will be produced by NFL Net under the leadership of executive producer Michael Davies. The core cast of the show, including Kyle Brandt, Jamie Erdahl, Jason McCourty, and Peter Schrager, will continue to be based in New York while news update role Will Selva will be based in Los Angeles.

Overall, this move and introduction of an extension series are thrilling developments for Good Morning Football and its fans can look forward to more content and new partnerships as the show returns with added value.

By Samantha Johnson

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