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Google rolls out innovative small business filter for enhanced shopping search experience


Nov 21, 2023

In response to the growing demand for small businesses, Google has recently introduced a new filter on its shopping search results. This filter allows users to view products offered exclusively by small businesses. To qualify for this feature, businesses must mark themselves as small enterprises in their Google Business Profile or Merchant Center account.

To use the small business filter, users simply need to conduct a shopping-related search and look for the filter icon. Once clicked, it will display only products from small businesses. Google has provided a screenshot of what the filter looks like to give users an idea of how it works.

Google’s decision to introduce this feature highlights its commitment to supporting small businesses and making them more discoverable to shoppers. According to a recent survey, 84% of people consider it important to support small businesses through their purchases. By providing this new filter, Google is helping U.S. shoppers easily find and purchase from these businesses.

For small businesses, adding the small business attribute to their profile can be beneficial in attracting more customers who are looking for locally owned and operated products. By doing so, they may have a better chance of being discovered by users over larger retailers who dominate search results pages.

Overall, this new feature is a win-win for both consumers and small businesses alike. With more options available for shoppers and greater visibility for small businesses, it’s clear that Google is taking steps towards promoting local commerce and supporting entrepreneurs in the U.S.

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