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Google will offer Mekorot technology for sale on its marketplace

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 7, 2024
Google will offer Mekorot technology for sale on its marketplace

Google will be offering Mekorot’s mclock system, which allows for the monitoring and management of infrastructure facilities. This SaaS software provides remote access to operational data for municipal and public infrastructure companies such as water, electricity, and gas corporations. It replaces traditional monitoring methods and is compatible with various infrastructure sectors including electricity, fuel, and communication.

Gil Groskop, Deputy for Technology at Mekorot, mentioned that Google will make their solution available through its marketplace, making remote operations easier. Initial interfacing will involve assistance from Mekorot, but after that, the system can be operated independently. The system will be available on the marketplace pending approval from Google.

Groskop also mentioned that they anticipate three customer sales in the first year and will make any necessary adjustments afterwards. Mekorot has previously worked with technology companies like Microsoft to develop a cloud for water sector statistical data. This collaboration aims to share knowledge on precipitation, consumption, and climate crisis research with academics and researchers.

Shay Mor, Director and Head of Public Sector & Defense at Google Cloud Israel, stated that implementing this cloud technology will drive innovation within Mekorot and set industry best practices for other water treatment organizations.

By Samantha Johnson

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