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Google’s New Payment Policy Opens Up More Options for App Developers, But Questions about Fairness Remain

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Google presents an enticing deal for game developers

Google has recently announced a new policy that allows developers to use its payment systems alongside or as an alternative to Google Play. This change provides more payment options and reduces the fees required for developers. Traditionally, Google has taken a 30% share of revenues generated through Google Play, a common practice in other digital app stores. Under the new policy, Google will now offer reduced commissions of 26% or 27% on total revenues, and for subscriptions, the share will be lowered to 11% or 12% from the previous 15%.

These reductions in fees could significantly impact the profit dynamic within the industry and may prompt game developers to consider selling their apps externally. However, they may end up paying more in processing payments themselves than they would save from reduced fees. Additionally, Spotify’s subscriptions do not pay any commissions to Google, raising questions about the fairness and consistency of Google’s commission structure.

In Europe, Google has introduced a new policy that enables developers to link external payment options directly from their apps on Google Play. The specifics of this new policy are still being clarified. Meanwhile, Apple has had to update its iPhone operating system to comply with European competition regulations under the Digital Markets Act promulgated by the EU.

By Samantha Johnson

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