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Grandmother Achieves World Record by Holding Plank for 4.5 Hours

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 10, 2024
Grandmother Achieves World Record by Holding Plank for 4.5 Hours

DonnaJean Wilde, a 58-year-old mother of five and grandmother of 12, recently made history by breaking the world record for the longest plank. On March 27, from Alberta, Canada, she set a new record for holding the longest plank for a female with an impressive time of 4 hours, 30 minutes, and 11 seconds, as announced by Guinness World Records.

To achieve the record, the challenger must ensure that their forearms and toes touch the ground at all times, while keeping the rest of the body lifted and straight throughout the plank. Wilde’s journey with planking began 12 years ago when she broke her wrist and discovered it was an exercise she could still perform with a cast on.

In preparation for the record-breaking plank, Wilde practiced holding a plank for five to six hours every day, in two to three-hour blocks. She had the support of her loved ones during the event, and she admitted that the last 30 minutes were the most challenging, as she focused on breathing and maintaining her form.

Wilde expressed her overwhelming feelings about setting a new world record after planking for so many years. She advised others with the same goal to keep practicing and incorporating planks into their daily routines. For men, the longest plank record was set by Josef Šálek from Czechia with an astonishing time of 9 hours, 38 minutes, and 47 seconds.

By Samantha Johnson

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