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Guardians Host Solar Eclipse Viewing Party at 2024 Home Opener Pregame

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 9, 2024
Guardians Host Solar Eclipse Viewing Party at 2024 Home Opener Pregame

The Cleveland Guardians players Brayan Rocchio, José Ramírez, and J.T. Maguire took a moment to look up at the total solar eclipse before their home opener against the Chicago White Sox on Monday in Cleveland. The moon blocking the sun provided a main event for millions of people across North America, including 15 U.S. states, parts of Mexico, and eastern Canada.

The Guardians rescheduled the start of their home game to allow fans to witness the eclipse without it interfering with the play on the field. Players and fans alike were excited to experience this natural phenomenon, as seen in photos and videos from the scene. Pittsburgh Pirates, Detroit Tigers, and players from other teams were also seen observing the eclipse during pregame warm-ups.

This unique event transcended sports, as players, caddies, fans, and reporters at Augusta National Golf Club paused to look up at the sky during a practice round for the Masters. Athletes like Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and members of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team also joined millions of spectators across the eclipse’s path to witness the spectacle.

The moon blocking the sun created a shared experience for people all over the United States, making everyone a fan and spectator of this rare phenomenon. From baseball fields to golf courses, athletes and fans alike marveled at the beauty of the eclipse and created lasting memories captured in photos and videos.

By Samantha Johnson

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