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Haimer and TCM Group Collaborate to Bring Tooling Technology to Market

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 25, 2024
Haimer and TCM Group Collaborate to Bring Tooling Technology to Market

The Haimer Group has acquired a stake in WinTool AG and established a strategic partnership with the TCM Group, giving Haimer global distribution rights to WinTool and Toolbase. Before this decision, WinTool and Toolbase were tested in Haimer’s production facilities and proved to be effective in continuous use. Moving forward, TCM will rely on Haimer as a strategic supplier for toolholders, shrinking, balancing, and presetting machines in the core business of tool management.

Haimer’s partnership includes a 25% shareholding in WinTool AG and is supported by additional global distribution agreements. This collaboration allows Haimer to offer both product lines to its distribution partners and customers worldwide. WinTool is a software solution for tool and data management that enables the collection and utilization of tool, master, and operating equipment data, as well as CNC machine programs and processes. It serves as a library for working materials, CNC data, process, and inventory management, leading to benefits such as shorter programming and setup times, decreased tool inventory, integrated documentation, and higher productivity.

Markus Temmel, CEO of TCM, emphasizes the complementary nature of Haimer and the TCM Group’s product portfolios, which will result in more powerful overall solutions for customers. Andreas Haimer, president of the Haimer Group, highlights the alignment of the strategic partnership with TCM and the investment in WinTool with their goal to provide customers worldwide with a comprehensive system concept for digitization and automation of tool room management. This vision includes easy-to-implement products and intuitive software solutions that enhance productivity on the shop floor. With the introduction of WinTool and Toolbase, Haimer aims to offer customers the most complete solution on the market.

By Samantha Johnson

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