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Hamas refutes claims of advancements in ceasefire talks.

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 8, 2024
Hamas refutes claims of advancements in ceasefire talks.

The hopes for an early ceasefire in the Gaza war have been dampened once again by a representative of the radical Islamic Hamas group. The latest round of talks in Cairo, which included delegations from Israel, Qatar, and the USA, did not yield any progress, according to the Palestinian organization’s representative speaking to Reuters. However, the state-affiliated Egyptian news channel reported that the talks had made significant progress and all parties involved had agreed on fundamental points.

Al-Kahera News reported on Monday that significant progress had been made, and the delegations from Qatar and Hamas had left Cairo to return within two days to finalize the terms of the agreement. The US and Israeli delegations were also expected to leave Cairo in the next few hours, with consultations to continue in the next 48 hours. Despite reports from the Qatari TV channel Al Jazeera that the Israeli delegation had not responded to Hamas’ demands, Israeli media reported that both sides had shown more flexibility.

Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid emphasized the importance of completing the deal on the table and bringing the hostages home. He called for pressure on the Israeli government to finalize the agreement. Talks on a ceasefire and hostage releases mediated by the USA, Egypt, and Qatar had been stalled for weeks, with accusations from both Hamas and Israel of obstructing the negotiations.

Hamas initiated the war on October 7th with an attack on Israel, resulting in casualties and hostages being taken to the Gaza Strip. In response, Israel launched a military operation in the Gaza Strip, leading to significant casualties on both sides. As negotiations continue, the path to a ceasefire remains uncertain, with the hopes of a resolution lingering in the balance.

By Samantha Johnson

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