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Harmonic Launches In-Stream Advertising Feature for Live Sports Streaming

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 13, 2024
Harmonic Launches In-Stream Advertising Feature for Live Sports Streaming

Harmonic has recently introduced a new feature on its VOS360 Ad SaaS platform that aims to revolutionize the way live sports streaming is monetized. This advancement involves in-stream advertising with split-screen ad formats, providing a new inventory for advertisers and enhancing monetization strategies for publishers without disrupting the viewing experience of sports fans.

According to Gil Rudge, senior vice president of video products and solutions at Harmonic, the rising costs of sports rights acquisition have created a need for innovative monetization approaches. With the introduction of in-stream ads on VOS360 Ad, Harmonic is paving the way for more effective monetization while ensuring seamless fan engagement during live sports events.

The VOS360 Ad platform offers in-stream advertising through server-side insertion of new addressable ad formats like double-box and dynamic L-bars. These split-screen ads can be strategically placed during high- and low-action moments of the games, either through manual operation or automated triggering from external data feeds. This integration of split-screen inventory within live programming enhances brand awareness and increases monetization opportunities for live sports streaming.

Emphasizing quality and user experience, VOS360 Ad delivers in-stream ads with lower latency compared to other solutions. The new split-screen ad formats are fully compatible with the programmatic advertising ecosystem, including traditional ad servers for impression-based selling.

Harmonic’s VOS360 Ad SaaS is a cloud-native, stand-alone server-side ad insertion solution that enables personalized ad delivery to millions of concurrent viewers. With a growing ad tech partner ecosystem, VOS360 Ad simplifies monetization for service providers by collaborating with companies like Google Ad Manager, Mirriad, and Equativ, as well as new partners Bitmovin and RYFF.

By Samantha Johnson

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