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Harvard University Athletics Partners with WSC Sports for Global Content Solutions

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 20, 2024
Harvard University Athletics Partners with WSC Sports for Global Content Solutions

WSC Sports has recently partnered with Harvard University Athletics to provide access to their AI-powered platform for instant delivery of highlights and media content across Harvard’s digital channels. The platform is capable of analyzing all Harvard sporting events and generating various forms of digital content including game recaps, live highlights, player video packages, and more.

By utilizing WSC Sports’ platform, Harvard Athletics aims to enhance its content workflows and storytelling opportunities for both student-athletes and fans. The solution works in real-time to analyze each game and automatically create and distribute highlights to Harvard’s digital channels and social media accounts, like gocrimson.com. WSC Sports has successfully transformed the social presence of other universities such as LSU, BYU, USC, and the University of Pittsburgh.

Joe DaCosta, Head of College Sports at WSC Sports, expresses excitement about the partnership with Harvard and the increased access it will provide for fans to engage with the athletic department’s 42 varsity D-I programs. DaCosta highlights the significant impact the technology has had on Harvard’s content strategy in a short amount of time, emphasizing the potential for innovation within social and digital teams.

Phil Tor, Assistant Director of Communications/Creative Solutions at Harvard University Athletics, commends WSC Sports for revolutionizing their coverage of live events through the platform’s simplicity and quality. He notes that the platform has enabled Harvard to share content with a broader audience and better inform fans about all things related to Harvard Athletics.

Nick Dow, Assistant Director of Communications at Harvard University Athletics, emphasizes the positive impact WSC Sports has had on the delivery of in-game video content to fans in real time. With the platform’s AI infrastructure specifically designed for basketball and football, Harvard is able to efficiently share clips in a manner that was not possible before.

By Samantha Johnson

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