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Has baseball evolved into a sport of Road Warriors?

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 10, 2024
Has baseball evolved into a sport of Road Warriors?

Recently, I came across an interesting statistic in Sports Illustrated indicating that road teams in Major League Baseball have been performing better than almost ever before. The home team winning percentage in 2023 dropped to .521, the lowest it has been since 1971. Unlike the NFL where stadium noise can impact team performance, there isn’t a direct fan outcome seen on the baseball field. With standardized stadium dimensions, well-manicured playing surfaces, and comfortable visiting quarters, the advantage for home teams seems to be diminishing.

This led me to wonder about the best and worst home/road winning percentages in Minnesota Twins history. The best home winning percentages were in 1969 (.704), 1987 (.691), and tied in 2002 and 2006 (.667). On the other hand, the worst home winning percentages were in 2016 (.370), 2012 (.383), and 2013 (.395).

When it comes to road winning percentages, the best were in 2019 (.679), 1965 (.630), and 1962 (.568). The worst road winning percentages were in 1982 (.284), 1986 (.346), and 1981 (.347). Interestingly, the 1965 World Series-winning squad had the same winning percentage at home and on the road.

Considering these statistics, it seems like the Minnesota Twins have had more success on the road in recent years. Manager Rocco Baldelli holds the single-season high water mark for road success, indicating the changing dynamics of home-field advantage in baseball. This trend may play a crucial role rather than just being a fun oddity for the team heading into the 2024 season.

By Samantha Johnson

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