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Hauppauge Middle School Science Olympiad Team Shines at Regional Competition with 10th Place Finish

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Hauppauge Middle School’s Science Olympiad Team Wins Medals at Regional Competition

The Hauppauge Middle School Science Olympiad team recently shone at the Eastern Long Island Regional Competition at R.C. Murphy Junior High School, securing a 10th place finish out of 32 teams. This accomplishment is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the students who excelled in their respective categories.

Chris Liu and Steven Tola placed ninth in Code Busters, while Atharv Prabhu, Naren Mahesh, and Dhanvin Namineni took eighth place in Air Trajectory. Atharv Prabhu and Mihir Sathish earned fifth place in Disease Detective, with Sreeanay Mallisetty and Atharv Prabhu placing seventh in Dynamic Planet. Aarav Dusad and Chris Dileep secured seventh place in Flight, with Chris Liu and Steven Tala coming in sixth in Fossils. Chris Liu and Chris Dileep also placed seventh in Microbe Mission, while Alexa Mariani and Rehan Ali achieved eighth place in Roller Coaster. Vaibhavi Hegde and Emma Musto landed in seventh place in Tower, while Sreeanay Mallisetty and Atharv Prabhu clinched first place in Wheeled Vehicle.

Congratulations are due to the students for their impressive achievements at the competition!

By Samantha Johnson

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