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Health experts confirmed bird flu discovered in NYC park, advise avoiding contact with wildlife

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 11, 2024
Health experts confirmed bird flu discovered in NYC park, advise avoiding contact with wildlife

Health experts have issued a warning to New Yorkers to stay away from wildlife following the discovery of several cases of bird flu in a Manhattan park. According to CBS, geese, a peregrine falcon, a red-tailed hawk, and a chicken were found to have tested positive for the virus in Marcus Garvey Park in Manhattan, as reported by the outlet. Philip Meade, a postdoctoral fellow at Icahn School of Medicine, spoke to CBS about the findings.

Meade emphasized the importance of limiting contact with wildlife to prevent the spread of the virus. He urged people to refrain from approaching Canada geese to catch or interact with them. However, Meade also noted that simply walking past a sick goose would not lead to contracting bird flu.

Additionally, residents of New York City are advised to wash their hands after coming into contact with bird droppings. The virus has been detected in 12 flocks of wild birds across seven states in the past month, with the majority of cases being reported in Texas. It was also found in domestic poultry.

Despite the widespread cases of bird flu in wildlife, there is currently no evidence to suggest that the virus is spreading to people. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that only two individuals have been infected with the H5N1 virus, also known as bird flu, in the United States in the past two years. Both patients had been in contact with farm animals, including chickens, before contracting the virus.

By Samantha Johnson

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