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Health issues lead to euthanasia of Beau, the cheetah at Phoenix Zoo

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 13, 2024
Health issues lead to euthanasia of Beau, the cheetah at Phoenix Zoo

A male cheetah named Beau at the Phoenix Zoo was recently euthanized due to complications involving paralysis, hindlimb weakness, and a tumor near his spinal cord. The zoo announced this sad news in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

Beau, who was 10 years old, was considered elderly for his species. He had spent a total of seven years at the zoo, from 2014 to 2018 and then from 2021 to 2024. Originally born in Florida, he was later transferred to Arizona. After spending time at the Phoenix Zoo, Beau and his brothers were transferred back to Florida based on breeding recommendations from the Species Survival Plan, which aims to maintain genetically diverse animal populations.

Beau was one of three cheetah brothers, named Rhett and Wilkes, who were all named after characters from “Gone with the Wind.” Their mother, Scarlett, was also named after a character from the same film. Despite Beau’s passing, his brothers can still be visited at the Phoenix Zoo in the cheetah habitat along the Africa Trail. According to the zoo’s Facebook post, Beau was known as the sweetest among the three and was a pleasure to work with during his time at the zoo.

By Samantha Johnson

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