• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

– Helping small businesses on Amazon during the holiday season: Tips and tricks – How to support small businesses on Amazon this festive season – Assisting small businesses on Amazon during the holiday season: A guide – 6 ways to help small businesses thrive on Amazon during the holiday season – Show your support for local businesses on Amazon this holiday season – Backing small businesses on Amazon during the holiday season: Practical advice


Nov 21, 2023

This holiday season, Amazon is offering big savings on products from small businesses in their store. Small and local businesses that sell in Amazon’s store are celebrated for their continued success.

Customers can find a wide variety of unique gifts, stocking stuffers, and seasonal essentials from small businesses, with fast and hassle-free delivery. This includes deals dropping all the time at amazon.com/smallbusinessdeals, especially on Saturday.

Amazon provides many ways to discover small business gifts for everyone on your list. By taking advantage of these deals and supporting small businesses, customers can make a positive impact on their local communities. There are six easy ways to support small businesses in their store this Saturday and throughout the holiday season:

1. Browse the Small Business Deals page at amazon.com/smallbusinessdeals to find great discounts on a wide range of products from small businesses.

2. Check out the “Shop Small” section on Amazon’s homepage to see what new products have been added by small businesses that day or week.

3. Use Amazon’s “Small Business Finder” feature to search for specific products or brands from local small businesses in your area or around the world.

4. Look for “Small Business Badges” on product pages to identify when an item was made by a small business seller who meets Amazon’s high standards for quality and customer service.

5. Follow Amazon’s social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to stay up-to-date with new deals and promotions for small businesses throughout the year and holiday season

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