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Helsinki Stock Exchange: A Closer Look at Today’s Trading

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 7, 2024
BÖRSSI: Sampo’s policies were met with some criticism

The Helsinki Stock Exchange opened close to its closing level on Tuesday, following yesterday’s decision. After twenty minutes of trading, the general index OMX Helsinki was down 0.01 percent at 9730.68 points. Sampo, a top-listed company, announced new financial goals to improve operating earnings per share at an annual rate of 7 percent and tighten the cost ratio target to 85 percent. The company’s share price was down 2.6 percent.

Fish farm company Fifaxin’s turnover remained at EUR 0.0 million in the second half of 2023, with the share price down 4.2 percent.

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Married announced a strategic partnership with Bregal Milestone and improved its profit guidance. Evli’s share price was up 0.3 percent at 19.50 euros.

A drug development company, Herantis Pharma, reported a business result of 2.1 million euros for July-December and aims to administer the first dose of medicine to a patient.

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The accounting office Administer announced profit figures showing fast growth, but goodwill amortizations related to company acquisitions put the operating result in the red.

Construction company Lehto Group’s parent company’s equity became negative after subsidiaries went bankrupt in early February, leading to trading suspension.

By Samantha Johnson

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