• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Historic Economic Inclusion and Social Protection Pledge by World Leaders at 2023 Global Refugee Forum


Nov 21, 2023

The global forced displacement crisis has brought attention to the need for collective action to address the issue. Self-reliance is crucial in providing sustainable solutions for refugees, forcibly displaced individuals, and stateless people, as well as host communities. The Mega Pledge on Economic Inclusion and Social Protection aims to mobilize commitments from various stakeholders to advance self-reliance and promote economic inclusion and social protection.

The pledge seeks to address specific and structural barriers and risks, strengthening resilience to shocks. Inclusive legal and policy frameworks are essential in promoting economic inclusion and social protection, including the implementation of policies and programs to reduce the lifelong consequences of poverty and exclusion. Pledge commitments are backed by evidence and supported by relevant programs, technical assistance, and financing mechanisms.

The goal is to empower refugees, forcibly displaced individuals, stateless people, and host communities to make decisions about their futures. Whether they stay in their country of asylum or origin or move to another location or return home, self-reliance is essential in ensuring that they can meet their essential needs, work, use their skills, and contribute to local economies. By promoting economic inclusion and social protection through collective action, we can help these populations achieve greater independence and autonomy in their lives.

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