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House Passes Historic $450 Billion Funding Package for Government Departments Amid Ongoing Appropriations Debate

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 7, 2024
House approves more than $450 billion in funding package

The House has passed a 1,050-page package that allocates over $450 billion in funding for various government departments. This “minibus” package was approved by a 339-85 vote, with support coming from both Democrats and Republicans. The legislation will now go to the Senate for a vote this week, according to Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. The goal is to fund the departments before the Friday deadline, although the timeline is uncertain at this point.

This successful vote in the House completes half of the appropriations process for fiscal year 2024. However, more challenges lie ahead as the remaining six government funding bills, including Defense, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services, are due by March 22. Top lawmakers anticipate that these bills will be more complicated to finalize, with national security being a critical aspect.

Despite these challenges, Speaker Mike Johnson aims to move away from traditional omnibus spending bills and prioritize individual appropriations measures. The approval of this package brings Congress closer to preventing a partial government shutdown, something Speaker Johnson is keen on avoiding.

By Samantha Johnson

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