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Housing in Transition: Guillaume Kasbarian’s Appointment as Minister Delegate in Charge of Housing and the Anti-Squat Law Controversy.


Feb 11, 2024
Guillaume Kasbarian’s Appointment to Housing Department Criticized as “Disastrous Signal” by Abbé Pierre Foundation

Guillaume Kasbarian has been appointed as the fifth minister delegate in charge of Housing under the Minister of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion, Christophe Béchu. The appointment is a shift to the right of the Attal government, as Kasbarian represents this change as the head of the Economic Affairs Committee of the National Assembly. This move may have been foreshadowed by his attendance at the vows ceremony of his future supervising minister.

Kasbarian’s new role comes with controversy, as he was also the originator of the “anti-squat” law, which toughens sanctions against squatters and accelerates eviction procedures in case of unpaid rent. This law was contentious last summer and sparked indignation from associations defending tenants and against poor housing such as the Abbé Pierre Foundation and Right to Housing.

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