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How does racism manifest in Spain?

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 2, 2024
How does racism manifest in Spain?

During Holy Week, a soccer player was subjected to racist insults, reigniting discussions about combating racism and xenophobia in Spain. The incident involved Argentine player Marcos Acuña, who plays for Sevilla, during a match in Getafe, Madrid. The match was suspended due to fans yelling racial slurs at Acuña, following which the coach also received insults. This is not an isolated incident in Spanish football, with players like Vinícius Júnior from Real Madrid also facing racist chants.

The issue of racism in football has sparked discussions about societal improvement, with prominent figures like Diego Simeone and Vinícius himself speaking out against racism in the sport. A report by the EU highlighted the discrimination faced by black residents in Spain, with incidents of racism and discrimination prevalent in society.

In addition to racism in sports, incidents of police violence against racialized individuals have been reported, such as the recent case in the Lavapiés neighborhood in Madrid. Videos showing excessive force used against two young black men have led to calls for police accountability and action against racist violence. Protests have taken place, demanding justice and an end to police brutality towards racialized communities.

Political figures and anti-racist organizations have called for thorough investigations into these incidents and have demanded accountability from law enforcement agencies. The Ministry of the Interior has initiated an investigation into the recent complaints of police violence, emphasizing the need to address hate crimes and discriminatory practices in society.

It is clear that issues of racism, discrimination, and police violence are pressing concerns in Spain, prompting calls for systemic change and greater accountability in addressing these societal challenges.

By Samantha Johnson

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