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How Sewan, Ucanss, and Bouygues Telecom are Revolutionizing Work-Study Programs in France


Feb 11, 2024
Companies that provide exceptional support and benefits to their work-study apprentices

Sewan, a Paris-based company that specializes in networks and cloud services for businesses, has recently started hiring work-study students. Currently, there are 10 work-study students employed at Sewan with contracts ranging from 1 to 3 years, out of a total of 420 employees in France. However, the company waited until 2020 to experiment with the work-study program because they wanted to ensure they could offer proper support to the students.

Sewan is committed to providing the same job opportunities as other employees to their work-study students. The goal is to offer them a position after their apprenticeship ends. According to research by the Work-Study Observatory, only 7% of apprentices believe they have benefited from an integration and training course upon their arrival, and 77% of companies do not provide specific training for their tutors. However, Sewan believes that work-study programs are more fruitful than short internships and allocates resources and benefits for the work-study students. These benefits include mobility between different services and financial rewards.

The Union of National Social Security Funds (Ucanss) is also making changes by welcoming approximately 2000 apprentices in 2024. Most of these apprentices will have the opportunity to work on projects that are important to all French people in professions such as IT, accounting, customer relations, and legal. Ucanss takes the integration of young people seriously and offers a good balance between private and professional life while providing comprehensive training for the apprenticeship tutors. They have also created a website called Lasecurecrute.fr to organize job offers and missions throughout France.

Bouygues Telecom is another telecom company that places great importance on creating an environment that supports its work-study students. They run a hiring campaign from February to June each year where they look for talented individuals who can contribute positively to their organization’s growth.

Each of these companies is taking steps towards integrating and supporting work-study students in meaningful ways. They understand that these students bring fresh perspectives and ideas that can help drive innovation within their organizations while learning valuable skills along the way.

In conclusion, companies like Sewan, Ucanss, Bouygues Telecom are making efforts towards integrating work-study students into their organizations’ culture by providing support through resources such as mentorship programs or workshops aimed at helping them acquire new skills necessary for success in their future careers.

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