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How to make the iPhone read texts using only your voice

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 11, 2024
How to make the iPhone read texts using only your voice

To create a personal voice on your iPhone, follow these steps. Set aside about an hour for the process and find a quiet room to work in. Navigate to settings, accessibility, and scroll down to “personal voice”. Choose the option to create a personal voice and the iPhone will prompt you to read aloud 150 sentences. This activity will take approximately 15 minutes.

After you have completed reading the sentences, the iPhone will spend several hours creating a personal voice character of you, replicating your voice. This allows the device to read almost any sentence in your voice. You can now type out sentences, paragraphs, or even entire lectures and have the iPhone read them back to you using your personalized voice.

Additionally, Apple plans to expand this feature to include other languages in the future. This innovation provides users with a unique and customized experience when listening to their devices.

By Samantha Johnson

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