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Humana and Baptist Health Agreement Restores In-Network Access for Patients to Local Doctors

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 14, 2024
Humana and Baptist Health Agreement Restores In-Network Access for Patients to Local Doctors

Patients with Humana health insurance will soon benefit from lower in-network rates when receiving treatment from doctors within Baptist Health Medical Group. This medical group consists of over 1,100 physicians and advanced practice clinicians located in Kentucky and Southern Indiana. After more than six months of negotiations, Baptist Health announced on Thursday that a new deal with Humana has been reached.

Last September, many patients lost their in-network coverage with Baptist Health Medical Group. Those with Medicare Advantage plans through Humana or who had commercial insurance through their employers were particularly affected. This led to patients either having to seek out in-network providers elsewhere or pay higher out-of-pocket fees if they continued to see a clinician within the medical group.

Fortunately, starting in April, patients will once again have access to in-network coverage with Baptist Health Medical Group, as announced in Thursday’s news release. One of the concerns that Baptist previously raised was regarding Medicare Advantage plans, including those offered by Humana, routinely denying or delaying payments for medical services recommended by patients’ doctors.

In addition to Humana, Baptist Health Medical Group also went out-of-network with UnitedHealthcare and Wellcare’s Medicare Advantage plans in January. An updated chart on Baptist’s website still indicates that this is the case. This situation underscores the importance of understanding the insurance coverage and network status of healthcare providers to avoid unexpected out-of-pocket costs. The Baptist Health-Humana agreement marks a positive step for patients seeking care within the medical group.

By Samantha Johnson

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