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Ilia Malinin makes history by winning his first world figure skating title with a groundbreaking six quadruple jumps

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 24, 2024
Ilia Malinin makes history by winning his first world figure skating title with a groundbreaking six quadruple jumps

Ilia Malinin secured his first world figure skating title in a remarkable manner, joining an elite group of skaters by successfully landing six quadruple jumps in a single program, including the first-ever quad Axel. The American skater impressed the judges with his quad Lutz, quad loop, quad Salchow, quad toe loop, and another quad Lutz in combination with a triple flip. In an extraordinary four-minute free skate, Malinin also executed a triple Lutz-triple Axel combo to round out his performance, earning a total of 333.76 points and beating out Yuma Kagiyama of Japan by 24.11 points.

Adam Siao Him Fa of France made an impressive leap from 19th place in the short program to win the bronze medal, landing four quads in his free skate despite receiving a two-point deduction for an illegal back flip. Meanwhile, two-time defending champion Shoma Uno of Japan slipped from first place after the short program to fourth overall, struggling with his jumps and securing one of his lowest finishes in his recent competition history.

The competition also featured two-time U.S. Olympian Jason Brown, who continued to showcase his strength in artistry and consistency despite lacking a quad jump in his program. Brown, known for his high artistic scores, put on a solid performance but faced a minor error with a popped Axel towards the end of his free skate.

Looking ahead, the next figure skating season is set to kick off with the Grand Prix Series in October, offering fans more opportunities to witness the world’s top skaters in action. At the World Figure Skating Championships 2024, Madison Chock and Evan Bates stood out in the Ice Dance Free Dance event, securing their second consecutive world title and maintaining an undefeated record for the season. Their success paid tribute to past U.S. trailblazers in the sport and solidified their status as reigning champions.

By Samantha Johnson

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