• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Increase in Explosive Cellular Storms Reported in Zagreb, According to Research


Nov 21, 2023

Last night, a powerful thunderstorm occurred in the eastern part of the city after 2 am. Although I haven’t received all the details yet, it’s clear that this event can be linked to recent climate change. Branko Grisogono, a professor from Zagreb’s PMF, believes that things are becoming increasingly blurred in space and time when discussing the loud and somewhat scary thunderstorm that hit the city last night.

Grisogono explains that while many were not disturbed by the thunderstorm, it was typical for coastal regions, not for continental areas. He suggests that climate change is likely responsible for this occurrence and points out that due to the excess energy in the climate system, intense weather events are happening more frequently and unexpectedly. He also notes that these events are becoming more intense as well.

The professor previously discussed how we can expect one of the warmest winters yet and emphasized that intense weather events will continue to develop in the future. Grisogono concludes by stating that while our area is already several degrees warmer than before, we can expect even warmer winters in the future due to climate change.

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