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Indiana Chamber of Commerce’s ChamberCare

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 10, 2024
Indiana Chamber of Commerce’s ChamberCare

Your Indiana Chamber membership offers a wide range of benefits beyond just a health care discount. From advocacy to compliance/information to savings to visibility, there are numerous resources and opportunities available to help your business succeed.

In terms of advocacy, the Chamber is a strong voice for employers, achieving a $3,352 return on investment in the last five years. Members receive legislative updates at both the state and federal levels, as well as opportunities to participate in policy committees to help shape the policies impacting our state.

When it comes to compliance and information, members have access to helplines for HR, labor, tax, and more, as well as a Business Research Center for key data and sales leads. With over 50 conferences and seminars offered annually, members can also provide education and skill training for their employees at a discounted rate.

Savings are another key benefit of membership, with discounts on services such as Salary.com benchmark job reports and workers’ compensation insurance through ClearPath Mutual. Members also have access to a Certificate of Origin online platform for quick export documentation needs.

Visibility is another important aspect of Chamber membership, with opportunities to be featured in BizVoice® magazine, submit press releases, or contribute guest blogs. Members can also participate in programs like Best Places to Work in Indiana and networking opportunities at major business gatherings.

Affiliate programs, such as the Wellness Council of Indiana, Work and Learn Indiana, and Institute for Workforce Excellence, offer additional resources and support for building a comprehensive health and wellness strategy, connecting with work-based learning opportunities, and building a talent pipeline.

For more information on these benefits and how to maximize your membership, visit the Member Benefits page on the Chamber website or contact Ashley Williams, Member Services Manager, at (317) 264-6874 or awilliams@indianachamber.com.

By Samantha Johnson

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