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Indiana teachers offered free training on science of reading with available literacy endorsement

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 22, 2024
Indiana teachers offered free training on science of reading with available literacy endorsement

Indiana passed a law in 2023 that mandates schools to use curriculums aligned with the science of reading by the next school year. Teachers in Indiana will have the opportunity to earn a literacy endorsement through a free professional development course offered by the Indiana Department of Education. Those who complete the course will also receive a stipend of up to $1,200 for their time. The course will be available to eligible teachers until June 2025 and meets Indiana’s academic standards that emphasize the science of reading, which focuses on the use of phonics in reading instruction.

In addition to the new literacy endorsement opportunity, Indiana also passed a law last year that requires all educators who teach in a literacy-related area and are licensed after June 30, 2025, to have the endorsement. The 80-hour course is funded by the state, and educators who complete it can apply to add the literacy endorsement to their license the following year. This move aligns with Indiana’s commitment to improving literacy instruction in schools.

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By Samantha Johnson

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