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India’s upcoming election is set to be the largest in the world, commencing in April and spanning over a month.

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 18, 2024
India’s upcoming election is set to be the largest in the world, commencing in April and spanning over a month.

India is gearing up for the world’s largest general elections, with around 970 million registered voters expected to cast their votes for the country’s next prime minister. The election process will span seven stages, beginning on April 19 and concluding on June 1, 2024, as per the schedule released by the Election Commission of India.

Opinion polls suggest that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party is likely to secure the necessary 272 seats for forming a government. Despite allegations from opposition parties about potential hacking of electronic voting machines, the country’s election body has refuted these claims.

The BJP has faced accusations of power grabs and disruptions in parliamentary proceedings, but experts predict that the party is poised to win a third consecutive term. Economic growth under Modi’s leadership and India’s increasing global image have strengthened his chances of victory.

Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar recently urged voters to maintain decorum during the campaign season, emphasizing the importance of refraining from personal attacks and abuses. Since Modi’s reelection in 2019, India’s economy has shown signs of strengthening, with record highs in Indian equity benchmarks such as the Nifty 50 and BSE Sensex.

India’s status as the world’s seventh largest stock market, overtaking Hong Kong in December, signals growing confidence among investors. The International Monetary Fund has highlighted India as the fastest-growing economy, with projections of 8% growth for the year. Modi’s successful state visit to the U.S. has further enhanced India’s appeal as an investment destination for companies looking to diversify away from China.

By Samantha Johnson

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