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Injunction against Sports Direct’s Newcastle United kit deal fails

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 12, 2024
Injunction against Sports Direct’s Newcastle United kit deal fails

Sports Direct, owned by former Newcastle owner Mike Ashley, attempted to require Newcastle United to sell next season’s kits in its shops but was unsuccessful in their attempt. The Competition Appeals Tribunal rejected the firm’s request for an immediate injunction to stop the club’s exclusive deal with JD Sports, a rival company. This move was alleged to be harmful to competition by Sports Direct.

Despite this setback, Sports Direct still has the option to take the club to court over the matter at a later date. The firm’s lawyers had argued that not allowing them to sell cheaper shirts would harm fans, but the judgement stated that consumer benefit was not a deciding factor in the assessment.

Newcastle United’s current kit is produced by Castore, but the club has agreed to a “multi-year partnership” with Adidas starting in the 2024-25 season. The judgement made it clear that there was no obligation for Newcastle United and Adidas to ensure that supply to Sports Direct would be maintained over time, as this would restrict competition rather than enhance it.

The refusal of the injunction was seen as making a speedy trial more urgent, and the Tribunal expects proposals from both parties in a timely manner. If no agreement is reached, the Tribunal will make its own proposals.

By Samantha Johnson

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