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INPS to leverage artificial intelligence in matching job demand and supply

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 7, 2024
INPS to leverage artificial intelligence in matching job demand and supply

The Siisl platform, known as the Information System for Social and Work Inclusion, is managed by the Ministry of Labor and INPS. It utilizes Artificial Intelligence to provide job offers that are most suitable to the beneficiaries of Training and Work Support (Sfl) and the Inclusion Allowance (Adi) as they navigate the job activation process. By calculating an “affinity index” of job offers on Siisl in comparison to each individual’s professional profile, the System aims to simplify the interaction between users and the job database.

This affinity index is generated using machine learning algorithms that analyze natural language and evaluate the semantic similarities between the textual content in job offers and curriculum vitae. INPS’s general director, Vincenzo Caridi, emphasizes that the implementation of AI in this platform is a significant step towards providing citizens and employment agencies with an effective tool for job searching. Moving forward, INPS plans to collaborate with the Ministry of Labor, Sviluppo Lavoro Italia, and Inapp to enhance the matching process and improve the quality of training courses.

This will involve utilizing updated skills maps at national and European levels, such as Atlas and ESCO, to compare the skills demanded by the job market with those covered by available training programs. The goal is to ensure that beneficiaries of Sfl and Adi have access to relevant job opportunities and receive adequate training to meet the demands of the labor market.

By Samantha Johnson

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