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Investing in History: How John Noel and Willie Wimbush Turned Historic Buildings into Thriving Businesses”.

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Business Owners in Bainbridge Transform Historical Buildings

John Noel, the owner of The Old Post Office, undertook a two-year construction project to restore the historic building that was originally built in 1914. To preserve the architectural character and influence of the building, he followed strict guidelines set by the city and historic preservation commission. Despite having to go above and beyond these guidelines to qualify for federal and state historic tax credits, Noel saw the effort as worth it.

On the other hand, Willie Wimbush faced challenges while making minor improvements to his Brothers & Brothers detail shop. He had to navigate through paperwork and contend with costs that amounted to $7,000 to $8,000. However, both Noel and Wimbush agreed that investing in their businesses was worth it in the end.

The Old Post Office now operates as a bar while Brothers & Brothers is now a detailed car wash. Despite operating in different time periods, they both shared a common perspective that preserving historical buildings and turning them into businesses was rewarding and ultimately successful. They both felt that preserving these historical buildings added value not only to their businesses but also contributed positively to the city’s rich architectural history.

John Noel’s decision to update The Old Post Office involved a significant amount of work since it was originally built over 100 years ago. The restoration project took nearly two years from start to finish. In order to ensure that he preserved every aspect of the building’s history while updating it for modern use, Noel followed strict guidelines set by the city and historic preservation commission.

Willie Wimbush faced numerous obstacles while trying to make minor improvements to his business. He had to deal with paperwork issues as well as high costs associated with adding additional roofing and draining systems.

Despite these challenges, both John Noel and Willie Wimbush agreed that investing in their businesses was well worth it in the end.

The Old Post Office is now a popular bar where locals gather for drinks and food. Meanwhile, Brothers & Brothers has been transformed into a highly detailed car wash where customers can pamper their vehicles with top-notch care.

John Noel’s commitment to preserving The Old Post Office’s historical significance paid off handsomely when he received federal and state historic tax credits for his efforts.

Similarly, Willie Wimbush went above and beyond what was required of him by obtaining approval from various government agencies before making any changes or additions to his business.

Both entrepreneurs recognized that transforming historical buildings into modern businesses added immense value not only monetarily but also culturally.

They were able to preserve some of their city’s rich history while creating new opportunities for growth and development within their respective communities.

In conclusion, John Noel’s renovation project on The Old Post Office showcased how careful planning can help preserve historical landmarks while adding economic benefits for local businesses. Similarly, Willie Wimbush found success by incorporating technology into traditional car washing methods at Brothers & Brothers detail shop. Both entrepreneurs understood that balancing tradition with innovation is key when revitalizing old buildings for modern use while contributing positively

By Samantha Johnson

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