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iOS 17.4: A Game-Changer for iPhone Users with Alternative App Marketplaces, Improved Browsing Options, Enhanced Payments, and More

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Today’s iPhone update to iOS 17.4 revolutionizes everything: read on for the latest news

The iOS 17.4 update is a game-changer for iPhone users, introducing numerous changes to the Apple ecosystem. One of the most significant features is support for alternative app marketplaces, allowing companies like Epic Games to distribute their apps directly to users without relying on Apple’s App Store. This change opens up new opportunities for developers and gives users more control over the apps they install on their devices.

Another major change comes in the form of support for alternative browser engines in WebKit, as well as new pop-up messages in Safari that allow users to choose a default browser. This aligns with European Union regulations and gives users more options when it comes to browsing the web.

In addition, iOS 17.4 enhances the ability to set up NFC apps and wallets as alternatives to Apple Pay, making it easier for users to manage their payments from their phones. Transcription support in Apple Podcasts is also now available, offering lyrics generated by Apple shortly after an episode is published. Users can search transcripts and jump to specific parts of episodes with ease.

Siri also receives significant improvements with support for reading messages in additional languages, while the battery menu in settings is made more intuitive to help users understand their phone’s battery health better. The CarPlay experience has also been improved with a new Maps experience and the ability to change display types in dual-screen vehicles.

While there were initial rumors about eliminating support for web apps on the Home screen in Europe, Apple has maintained its commitment to providing this feature as before. Web apps continue to be built directly on WebKit for enhanced security and privacy measures. Finally, iOS 17.4 includes smaller changes like rebranding tabs in the Podcasts and Music apps, wider Safari address bars, and a new “Identifiable Region” label in settings.

Overall, iOS 17.4 represents a significant update that brings a range of new features and improvements to iPhone users around the world

By Samantha Johnson

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