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Iranian agency retracts announcement of airspace closure over Tehran

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 11, 2024
Iranian agency retracts announcement of airspace closure over Tehran

The Iranian Mehr agency reported that the airspace over Tehran was closed in connection with military exercises, as stated by Iranian Defense Minister General Mohammad Reza Ashtiani. However, the news was later deleted.

In response to the current situation in the Middle East, the German airline Lufthansa made the decision to cancel all flights to and from Tehran scheduled for April 11. This decision was made due to uncertainties surrounding the events in the region.

Israel is on high alert for a potential response from Iran following an attack on the Iranian “consulate” in Damascus, which has been attributed to the Jewish state. The attack resulted in the deaths of seven high-ranking Iranian officers, including the commander of the Quds Force in Syria and Lebanon. Possible targets mentioned in Western media include government agencies, IDF military bases, and Israeli missions abroad. Israeli leaders have emphasized that any attack will be met with a strong response.

As tensions rise in the region, it is important to stay informed about developments and be aware of potential threats. It is crucial for authorities to take necessary precautions to ensure the safety and security of all individuals in the affected areas.

By Samantha Johnson

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