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Israel agrees to open additional crossing and port for aid into Gaza following tense call with Biden and Netanyahu

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 6, 2024
Israel agrees to open additional crossing and port for aid into Gaza following tense call with Biden and Netanyahu

The White House announced on Thursday night that Israel has agreed to open another crossing and port to allow aid to enter Gaza, following a phone call between President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Earlier, Biden had threatened to change US support for Israel if concrete steps were not taken to protect civilians and humanitarian workers in Gaza. This comes amid a serious humanitarian crisis in the region.

The National Security Council released a statement after the phone call, revealing the measures Israel has agreed to take. They include opening the Erez crossing to allow aid into northern Gaza, opening the port of Ashdod for direct aid access to the enclave, and increasing supply deliveries from Jordan. The statement emphasized that these steps must be implemented quickly and fully.

There was no official response from the Israeli government, but Israeli media reported that the war cabinet had approved the measures. The decision was seen as a response to pressure from the US and humanitarian organizations to open more border crossings for aid, particularly due to warnings of an impending famine in Gaza after months of conflict.

The opening of the Erez crossing is crucial as most aid allowed into Gaza thus far has entered through southern border crossings. However, delivering aid from the south to the north has been challenging due to damaged roads, Israeli restrictions, and ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israeli forces. The hope is that these new measures will allow aid to reach those in need throughout Gaza in the coming days and weeks.

The White House statement reiterated that US policy toward Gaza will be determined by Israel’s actions in implementing these measures. They expressed readiness to work in coordination with Israel, Jordan, Egypt, the United Nations, and humanitarian organizations to ensure that aid reaches those who need it most in Gaza. The ultimate goal is to provide significant humanitarian assistance to civilians in the region.

By Samantha Johnson

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