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Italian fighters intercept Russian plane over Baltic Sea, NATO on high alert

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 29, 2024
Italian fighters intercept Russian plane over Baltic Sea, NATO on high alert

NATO has issued a warning about a plane, likely Russian, flying over the Baltic Sea. The alarm sounded twice yesterday, prompting the deployment of Eurofighter fighters from the Air Task Force 4th Wing based in Poland. These fighters intercepted and identified the aircraft before returning to base. The Italian Air Force is part of the NATO Enhanced Air Policing mission, and the Air Task Force “4th Wing” consists of four Eurofighter aircraft from four different air defense wings.

These aircraft ensure the quick take-off and interception of any suspicious radar detections 24/7. The Italian contingent in Poland operates alongside the Polish Air Force to protect NATO’s northeastern flank. This is the second time that an Italian contingent has been used for enhanced Air Policing operations in Poland. The Italian Air Force personnel deployed in Poland work under the direct command of the Interforce Summit Operational Command and are stationed at the Krolewo airport in Malbork.

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By Samantha Johnson

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