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Italy places emphasis on technology innovation and cybersecurity

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 6, 2024
Italy places emphasis on technology innovation and cybersecurity

The Director General of the National Cybersecurity Agency, Bruno Frattasi, presented a proposal focused on innovating through a State that becomes an innovator. This theme was highlighted during the event ‘Cybersecurity: opportunities and challenges for Italian start-ups and SMEs’. The event, organized by the National Cybersecurity Agency, also introduced the ‘Cyber ​​Innovation Network’, a strategic program aimed at supporting, promoting, and financing technological development and innovation in the cybersecurity field.

The Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council and Authority delegated to the Security of the Republic, Alfredo Mantovano, opened the proceedings. Other speakers included the ministers of the University and Research, Anna Maria Bernini, and of Business and Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso. Mantovano emphasized the importance of making Italy a key player in the global technological transformation process by fostering synergy with innovation leaders. He pointed out the need for Italy to develop its capacity in areas like Artificial Intelligence to avoid dependence on other countries.

Prefect Frattasi stressed the importance of supporting and encouraging young entrepreneurial initiatives, start-ups, and SMEs that are driving innovation in the country. Through a public notice procedure, the Agency established a network of operators to collaborate on programs supporting innovation and applied research in technological areas of interest. The Agency selected five realities in different parts of the country, highlighting the national significance of the initiative.

Looking ahead, the Agency plans to promote further funding calls aimed at universities and research institutes, focusing on advancing development and technological transfer. This strategic approach aims to enhance technological innovation, leading towards strategic autonomy in the national and European context.

By Samantha Johnson

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