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Javier Loya anticipates meeting with Texans and NFL

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 8, 2024
Javier Loya anticipates meeting with Texans and NFL

Texans minority owner Javier Loya has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of harassment with intent to annoy. The question now is whether he will face scrutiny under the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy. The NFL has not yet responded to an email sent this morning regarding this issue. Loya’s attorney Andrew J. Sarne provided a comment stating that Loya had agreed to step down from football activities and the diversity committee while the matter was pending for nearly a year. He has not had the chance to sit down with the Texans or the NFL since the charges were dismissed, but looks forward to meeting with them about it.

Even though Loya does not control the Texans, the league’s handling of his situation will be compared to the punishment typically imposed on players. There is a perception that there are two different standards in place, even though the league claims that non-players are held to a higher standard than players. It remains to be seen how the NFL will address Loya’s misdemeanor charge and how it will impact his role within the team and the league moving forward.

By Samantha Johnson

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