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Jessie Diggins’ Historic World Cup Success: One Win and One Record Broken at a Time


Feb 10, 2024
Jessie Diggins secures another victory as she prepares for the first home World Cup in a historic season

On Friday, Jessie Diggins secured her fifth individual World Cup race win of the season in Canmore, Canada. This victory brings her total to six wins this season, including her Tour de Ski title. With this achievement, Diggins has broken the American record for most individual race podiums in a single season, with 10 podiums so far.

Diggins’ success has put her in a commanding lead for the overall World Cup title, with a margin of 340 points through 21 of 33 scheduled races. This is an impressive feat considering that the second-place finisher is currently in sixth place. In fact, Diggins became the first non-European woman to win the overall World Cup in 2021.

The circuit continues with three more races in Canmore through Tuesday before heading to the United States for the first time in 23 years with a stop next weekend in Minneapolis. This will be a special event for Diggins as it is her home race and she will be competing on familiar terrain. Coverage for these events will air on CNBC at 12:30 p.m. ET (sprints from the day before) and NBC at 4 p.m. (10km races from earlier that day). All coverage will also stream on NBCSports.com, the NBC Sports app, and Peacock for subscribers.

Overall, Jessie Diggins’ impressive performance this season has cemented her position as one of the top cross-country ski racers in the world. With three more races left on the calendar, there is no doubt that she will continue to push herself to achieve even greater success.

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