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Jets Embrace the Calmness of this Year under Robert Saleh

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 24, 2024
Jets Embrace the Calmness of this Year under Robert Saleh

In 2023, the Jets were the talk of the town, but by 2024 they were feeling like a tired old team that left their fans feeling disappointed. Coach Robert Saleh embraced the quieter atmosphere this time around, after the loud and chaotic season they had previously endured. Last year, the Jets were part of the Hard Knocks series and had high hopes with Aaron Rodgers on the team, only for those hopes to be dashed with an early injury to Rodgers and a disappointing season overall.

This year, Saleh is optimistic as he sees Rodgers working hard on his recovery and preparing for the upcoming season. He believes that Rodgers is eager to make up for lost time and is excited about getting back on the field. Despite the recent distractions involving Rodgers potentially joining politics, the Jets are focused on the task at hand and are looking forward to achieving the goals they fell short of last season.

While the schedule this year may not be as challenging as before, with matchups against teams in their division, NFC West, and AFC South, the Jets will rely on the health of their aging players to sustain them through the long regular season. The outcome of this season will determine the future of many within the organization. If the Jets fail to make the playoffs, significant changes may be on the horizon for players, coaches, and staff alike.

By Samantha Johnson

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