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Joint Efforts Lead to Foiled Concert Hall Attack: Three French Minors Arrested

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 7, 2024
Close collaboration between Belgian and French investigators in the Brussels Botanique concert hall threatened attack case.

The arrest of three French minors in connection with the foiled attack on the Brussels Botanique concert hall was a result of Belgium sharing information from their investigation with the French authorities, according to the federal prosecutor’s office. The office stated that they regularly exchange information with foreign services, leaving it up to those services to take appropriate legal action.

Reports from French media indicated that the three adolescents, aged between 15 and 17, were arrested on Tuesday evening based on information from the French investigation. While these minors were not directly involved in planning an attack, they shared an Islamist ideology with the four suspects arrested in Belgium. The French anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office confirmed that the young people had been in contact in a social network group where they exchanged jihadist propaganda and discussed attack plans.

The four suspects arrested in Belgium, one adult and three minors, were found to have gathered online and made plans to carry out an attack. Their conversations referenced the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group, and they were reportedly seeking weapons on the dark web. No weapons or explosives were discovered during house searches conducted on Sunday morning. The adult suspect in Belgium was placed under an arrest warrant by the investigating judge in Brussels, while the three minor suspects were brought before an investigating judge in Dendermonde and placed in closed youth institutions.

By Samantha Johnson

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