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Kadarius Toney’s Super Bowl LVIII Uncertainty: How the Chiefs Wide Receiver’s Struggles Impact His Future with the Team


Feb 11, 2024
rewrite this title Super Bowl 2024: Chiefs’ Kadarius Toney expected to be a healthy scratch against 49ers

According to sources, Kadarius Toney, the wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs, will not be active for Super Bowl LVIII unless there are any unforeseen circumstances. This season, he has been dealing with setbacks such as injuries and personal reasons that have kept him off the field since Week 15. Despite having a significant role in last year’s Super Bowl LVII, Toney’s performance this season has been less than stellar compared to other receivers.

Toney struggled with a low number of catches and a high drop rate throughout the season. In Week 1, his mistake resulted in a touchdown for the Lions, which only added to his challenges. An Instagram Live rant before the AFC Championship Game further highlighted his struggles and questioned his trustworthiness on the field.

Despite these challenges, Toney made a memorable play in last year’s Super Bowl with the Giants. However, given his recent struggles and an upcoming contract renewal, there is speculation that he may not return to the Chiefs after this season. It remains to be seen what will happen in the future for this talented wide receiver.

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