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Kelce Documentary Nabs Two Sports Emmy Nominations

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 11, 2024
Kelce Documentary Nabs Two Sports Emmy Nominations

The popular documentary Kelce, which followed beloved Eagles center Jason Kelce during the team’s Super Bowl run in the 2022 season, has earned two Sports Emmy nominations for outstanding long documentary and outstanding editing. Directed and produced by Philly filmmakers Don Argott and Sheena Joyce, the film became one of the most-watched documentaries on Prime Video after its release last fall.

Kelce approached Argott and Joyce to capture what he initially thought would be his final season. Instead, the Eagles headed to the postseason resulting in the historic sibling faceoff between Kelce and his brother Travis (also known as Taylor Swift’s boyfriend). While it didn’t have a surprise ending, the documentary provided a personal look at Kelce’s family — including his wife, Kylie, who was 38 weeks pregnant at Super Bowl LVII — and the athlete’s difficult contemplation over his imminent retirement.

When Kelce planned his retirement announcement in March, he called up the filmmakers again. They captured him on the tearful day and empathized with his emotional farewell. Argott and Joyce don’t yet know where the footage will end up, but for now they are continuing to follow Kelce in the midst of this transition.

The directors shared that they have been making the Jason Kelce retirement documentary all along, and they feel honored to be included in his life like this. Beyond the field, Kelce is keeping up the New Heights podcast with Travis and the future may see him commentating, coaching, or possibly farming. The 45th Sports Emmy Awards ceremony will be on May 21 at New York’s Lincoln Center.

By Samantha Johnson

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