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Korber Introduces New Software Platform for Efficient Warehouse Technology Management

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 11, 2024
Korber Introduces New Software Platform for Efficient Warehouse Technology Management

Körber Supply Chain, a warehouse technology provider, has introduced a new Unified Control System (UCS) platform that offers a comprehensive solution for managing various technologies within the warehouse. With the growing adoption of fulfillment technologies in the supply chain industry, many systems operate independently from the rest of a company’s logistics network. To address this issue, Körber developed the UCS as a unique solution to coordinate different warehouse technologies, including AMR, voice, and different types of material handling equipment.

The UCS platform is designed to streamline inbound and outbound fulfillment processes by utilizing data from warehouse management systems (WMS) to analyze inventory and order information. Tasks are then automatically assigned to AMRs, workers, or MHE based on their suitability, destination, and current workload. This integrated approach ensures optimal utilization of resources and enhances operational efficiency in the warehouse.

Sean Elliott, EVP and CTO Software at Körber Business Area Supply Chain, highlighted the importance of software, hardware, and technology integration for supply chain executives. The UCS platform offers tailored deployments and simplified order fulfillment through a variety of technologies, all managed in one place. This results in increased throughput, improved return on investment, and reduced operational complexity and system costs.

For more information, visit booth C7875 to learn how Körber’s UCS platform can enhance warehouse operations and address the challenges faced by supply chain executives.

By Samantha Johnson

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