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Kuwaiti banks continue to benefit from interest rate advantages despite economic slowdown

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 20, 2024
Kuwaiti banks continue to benefit from interest rate advantages despite economic slowdown

Despite a weaker aggregate economy in Kuwait, the country’s banks have experienced strong performance in 2023. This is largely due to higher interest rates, which have allowed them to post impressive profitability figures. Even though the gross domestic product contracted by 0.7 percent, the net profits of nine of the largest domestic lenders increased by 28.7 percent to Kd1.5bn ($4.9bn).

The banking sector in Kuwait has shown resilience in the face of economic challenges, thanks to the benefits of higher interest rates. This has enabled the banks to continue to thrive and maintain strong profitability figures. Despite the contraction of the gross domestic product in 2023, the sector-wide net profits have shown significant growth, showcasing the stability and strength of the banking industry in Kuwait.

Data compiled by Kamco Invest has revealed the positive performance of Kuwait’s banks in 2023, with strong profitability figures and an increase in net profits. This growth comes despite the economic challenges faced by the country, such as lower oil prices and production. The banking sector in Kuwait has proven to be robust and profitable, providing stability and growth in uncertain times.

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By Samantha Johnson

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